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China Bathroom Cabinet manufacturer, supplier, factory


1. Freestanding: Freestanding bathroom cabinets are suitable for single owners and rented apartments. They are simple in style, small in footprint, easy to care for, and have all the functions of storage, washing, and lighting.


2. Double type: The double bathroom cabinet is the best choice for a two-person combination with a large bathroom. It can avoid the situation of two people in the morning waiting to use a bathroom sink. It is not only very hygienic, but also users can separately Your lifestyle habits to place your items.


3. Modular: Modular bathroom cabinets have strong functionality and clear classification. They have open shelves, drawers and flat doors. The shapes and specifications are also different, depending on the frequency of use of the items. And the number to choose different combinations and placement positions. Common items such as towels and bath soap can be placed in an open shelf for easy access. Various infrequent cleaning supplies can be placed in the lower cabinet, and more commonly used fragile items should be placed in the glass cabinet door, Both safe and easy to find.


WINER M&G Bathroom Cabinet


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