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LED mirror cabinet


What is LED MIRROR? LED light-emitting mirrors refer to mirrors that can emit light through LED lights. Some LED makeup mirrors, LED bathroom mirrors, and tunnel mirrors can also be called LED light-emitting mirrors or simply light-emitting mirrors. It also has another more common name that is LED bathroom mirror or LED mirror. There are two main types of LED light-emitting mirrors: one is a mirror with an externally visible LED light strip, and the other is a mirror with a hidden LED light strip. The difference between them is whether you can see the LED strip, and the one that can't see the strip is the mirror of the hidden LED strip.


At present, most of the LED makeup mirrors on the market are mirrors with hidden LED light strips. The light strips are concealed through a good design, and they look more beautiful. The LED bathroom mirror is both.


Compared with ordinary mirrors, LED light-emitting mirrors have a light-emitting function, so they can shine more clearly. Some LED light-emitting mirrors also have the function of a magnifying glass. It can be more convenient for daily use such as shaving beard.


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